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Family Christmas in Australia

How families celebrate Christmas festivities in Australia

We are living in a world where things tend to change rather fast, and not always for the good. Majority of changes are, however, the product of life itself. We change our jobs, people we love move from place to place, and kids grow up.

I am so proud to say that, amongst all those changes, my family Christmas remained the same. And although our Christmas is not that white (well, not at all), it certainly lacks no glitter and enchantment.

Family beach walk at Christmas in Australia
Relaxing beach walks are part of family Christmas celebrations Down Under

The December Down Under

As the rest of the world, Aussies celebrate Christmas on December 25, too. What makes our Christmas different, though, is the fact that here, December 25 is in the midst of summer. And that means students are slowly wrapping a school year and returning to their homes for the much deserved vacation. Very fortunate if you ask me, because my older kid (David) spends most of the year at college.

Here, Christmas festivities usually start already in November, but it is only when he finally arrives, we consider summer, (and the holiday season for that matter) officially begun. The rest of December is usually spent in shopping, enjoying the beach, barbecues, and a lots and lots of volleyball. Sure, it is nothing like building a snowman, but it is equally as fun.

Crowds at Bondi beach, in Sydney
Australians enjoy beach life, especially during Christmas holidays which happen
to be at a mid-summer Down Under. (Image:

Preparations for the Christmas Eve

Like any other country once considered a new world, Australia is mostly inhabited by former settlers and people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds. My family is of British descent, so you can consider our view on Christmas pretty straightforward. We like singing carols, we like candles, we like trees, we like Christmas turkey, and we also like plum pudding. A lot.

What makes my family somewhat different, though, is the fact that my daughter Sandra is a very promising mathematician, and we always supported her ambitions. When she was still learning the basics we used to play some online Sudoku game so often that, over time that became some sort of family tradition. These days, before going to church on the Christmas Eve, we always play a game or two, just to make the whole family atmosphere complete.

Happy family on beach at Christmas in Australia
If you happen to be travelling to Australia at Christmas time, you will find it a refreshing Christmas experience for the whole family. (Image:

Happy Christmas!

My husband is the Irish descent so for the Christmas Eve we use to follow some of his old family traditions. We always set the candle in front of the window to welcome Baby Jesus, and since Sandra is the youngest child she has an honour of lighting it. Previously, we used to attend the midnight mass more often, but lately we prefer to spend the entire Eve at home.

And I have to mention that Aussies have a very special treatment regarding the Christmas itself. Together with our good neighbour New Zealand, we are the first two countries to celebrate that joyous day. I must admit, I always found it funny when we are already well-slept and eating our Christmas lunch while watching the Christmas preparations throughout the rest of the world.

And that is our usual Aussie, Sudoku obsessed Christmas. Sure, I know my entire family is way too old to believe in Father Christmas, but something magical does happen every year we are together. And that is the kind of mundane I will always know how to appreciate.

Family Christmas

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