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Early Christmas
Gift Buying Tips for the Family

Choosing Christmas Gifts for Family

It’s never too early to start thinking about what gifts you can buy people for Christmas, so here are some tips to get you started.

Your Partner

When you’re buying a Christmas gift for your partner, there’s always an element of competition. You want to see who can buy the best gift for the other, and you want to top the gift you got for them last year. There are lots of great gift ideas for women out there. Men are often bad buyers, but if you have a partner who likes beauty and fashion, your options are endless. Or you can get unique gifts for women from Cuckooland. And men are often seen as more difficult to buy for, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Christmas gifts
It takes a lot of hard work to choose the right gifts for your family and friends
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The great thing about buying for your own children is that they will probably write a list for you if they’re old enough. They’ll have plenty of ideas for what they want from Santa, so they’ll do the hard work for you. But you’ll probably have to decide which ones to get and which ones are not quite realistic. You might have to cross that pony off the list for example! But it’s always better to have too many options than not to have enough! So, let them tell you what they want.


Buying for your parents and your in-laws is often difficult. When they reach old age, they’ve probably got most of the things they want. It’s a good idea to be attentive in case they drop any hints throughout the year. There might be something that they need to improve the home. Or you could buy them something that will fill their days. I often buy difficult puzzles for my dad and then vouchers for a garden retailer because they enjoy gardening. Vouchers give them the choice of getting something they really want.

Children love Santa Claus
Children will usually tell Santa what they want to get for Christmas
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Brothers & Sisters

When you’re buying presents for your brothers and sisters, you have to also take their partners into account. You should try to buy something that fits them both as a couple rather than your sibling as an individual. Think about what they have in common, or get them something that will be useful around the family home. You will also need to think about what to buy for your nieces and nephews. Buying for kids can be hard, especially other people’s. So, if they’re old enough, just ask them what they want. They won’t be shy about telling you!

Extended Family

Most people have to buy lots of presents for people in the extended family who they only see once or twice a year. This can be a bit of a pain because you never really know what the best thing to get is. To get around this problem, you should try to buy presents that are quite general and nonspecific. But this still leaves you with lots of possible options. You could fall back on that old safe option: alcohol and chocolates. Most adults like nothing more than a good bottle of wine or some exotic beers accompanied by a box of chocolates.

Family Christmas

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