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7 Awesome Drones
to M
ake Your Kids Adore You

Thinking of Christmas gifts to your children?

A drone flying against evening sun
Whether you buy it as a Christmas present, good grades gift, or just for the
fun of it, these awesome drones will make your kids love you and the drone.

Parents reading this - have you noticed your children gawping at drones flying around, being desperate to fly them for themselves? More information about drones you can find on this website. These buzzing and small machines may look expensive, but there are so many good models out there on the market that are highly affordable. After all, they make for great Christmas gifts to your children.

In this article, we look at a number of different drones that kits will simply love. With fun and exciting features, such as a fixed drone camera or advance stabilization, any kid will love playing with any of these.

Let’s see what the world has in store with our top seven picks.

1. The Altair AA108 Drone

This is one that every child will absolutely love. A full-sized drone that is super powerful and does not skimp on style. There are numerous features that make things super fun and safe for children. It’s one of our favorite picks.

2. The Holly Stone Deer C170

This is a no-battery drone that is very easy to fly. Any young ones will find it super simple to use and give a fly around and it’s our top item in terms of ease of use. There is also advanced stabilization built-in, so the little ones should have no qualms when trying to improve their flight skills.

3. Parrot’s Airborne Maclane Night Drone

The night flight features on this machine are second to none! It’s certainly different from your standard kid’s drone but by no means in any bad way. Its design is perfect for kids that are looking to fly this thing at night - there are ultrasound and cool lights that make night flying incredibly easy. Moreover, kids will love the features that allow it to roll and flip around. Even freefalls are on the cards - exciting stuff!

4. Orbit’s Proflight Camera Drone

Those between 12 and 14 are perfect for this model. Great for any buzzing wannabe photographer with extensive options to shoot 360-degree footage! It also folds down so is very easy to carry. Top marks from us.

A fyling drone with camera
More sophisticated drone models are naturally more expensive and for a
more grown up user and a serious wannabe hobbyist.

5. Potensic’s mini drone

When in the garden or just even mucking about indoors, this a great product for kids. It’s so so small and very easy to carry around. The blades are also protected so there’s a low chance they’ll do any damage - safe as houses.

6. The X5C from Syma

Nifty items usually are expensive but this drone is a steal! One of our favorite features and a feature that will have any child amazed is the go-slow mode. Very impressive for friends!

7. The RC U27 from UDI

We recommend this one as a seriously good starter drone. Perfect for beginners! It features 3 separate speed controls and a super easy to use interface. An all-round must-have.


Literally the number of choices is immense. There’s no doubt in our mind that you’ll be able to earn your children’s love with any of these 7 great items. Hopefully, they’ll have so much fun flying and have many great memories. Consider yourself a drone expert? Please let us know about which products we’ve missed out in the comments section below.

Author’s bio:

Richard Browny is a copywriter who specializes in SEO copywriting. He graduated from UCL with a degree in fine arts before becoming disillusioned with the fine art world and pursuing a career in creative writing. He now writes part-time for various blogs, publications, and online magazines.

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