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Best Decoration Ideas for a Family Home

How to personalize your family living space at home

Splash the colours you like

Decorating a bachelor den is one thing, but it is something completely different to create an environment that is supposed to be a home for the entire family. Here, you need to shift your focus a bit. Instead of just turning to raw pragmatism, you need to make some compromises. Also, you need to heavily invest into personalization of space through the use of emotionally significant mementoes and family DIY projects. All in all, here are some of the options you have available.

Add touches of colour to your decor

Home-Made Art Pieces

Everyone knows that you need some art in order to make your walls leave a good impression. Unfortunately, getting even a decent replica can be quite pricy, not to mention buying a real piece fresh out of gallery. Luckily, as a family, you have a hidden talent in your midst. We are of course talking about the youngest tenants of your household. Framing and hanging some of your children’s best works can bring some liveliness to your otherwise bland home office or further enrich your living room. This is basically just the logical next step of putting children’s drawings on the fridge.

Family home entrance area

Seeing how most of these works are quite colorful, they also may be a nice and organic way to break some of those cold monochromatic areas in your home. Sure, there is nothing wrong with choosing one color for each room, but in a family home, this can appear quite bland and inhospitable.

Tech Free Living Room

One of the most horrifying thoughts of the 21st century is the idea of technology alienating people from one another. Few decades ago, an entire family would sit around the TV (also a tech-piece) and watch a show together, having some quality family-bonding time. Today, however, you see teens on their phones, moms and dads on their tablets browsing an e-store or reading news online. In fact, toddlers are the only ones looking to start a conversation.

Tech free living room space

The best way to solve this is to design your living room as a tech-free area. Instead of the TV, introduce a fireplace or a coffee table as a focal area. This will result in a different seating order. You see, instead of every seat being oriented towards the screen, they will now be facing each other. A seating order laid out in this manner encourages conversation. Introduce a rule that all mobile devices need to be discarded on the cabinet next to the living room entrance and there you have it.

Open-Floor Plan

Sure, it is a great idea to give everyone some intimacy, but walls sometimes separate more than rooms. Separating rooms physically may diminish noise, but it is not like it cancels it out completely. An open floor plan gives everyone a sense of connection to each other and makes people living together develop a real sense of community. As for the noise, bedrooms are still singled out but for the rest of the day you are stuck with each other.

Maximize your space usage

One particular problem you will face is furnishing your home. When you have separate rooms, every one of them has the ability to act as an independent entity. For example, your dining room furniture doesn’t have to match (or even go along) your living room design at all. With the open plan, this is no longer true. This means that you will be on the quest to equip your entire home at once, which can be a difficult feat. Here, you can either go around furniture stores in your area or look for homeware online.

A real family home is designed through a compromise. When decorating on your own, all you have to worry about is what you yourself like. On the other hand, when decorating a family home, you suddenly need to reach consensus around every single item. While it is true that this sometimes creates some of the most unexpected results, it is exactly this uniqueness card you should rely on all along. Only this will help you turn your house into a real home.

Touches of antique pieces to personalize space

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Diana Smith

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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