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How Retro Vibes Can Liven Up Your Room

Tips and ideas for decorating in retro style

Leather armchair seats

To get a more luxurious look 70s style, consider incorporating some leather,
such as armchair seats, which are great looking, durable and comfortable.

Regardless of your motivation, the retro looking room can be easily achievable if you have a good plan. Go ahead and start thinking about your favorite movies and TV shows and try to replicate their retro vibe. Following the ideas you came up with and the tips the text below has to offer, you’ll be able to set up your living space in no time. If you’re eager and motivated, the good old days will come back to your home and stay there.

Here are those ideas to liven up your room by decorating in retro style.

Think about colors

The best color palette you can use for achieving a retro vibe is of course pastel. With pastel colors, you’ll liven up your space and turn it into a retro dream. Make a winning combination out of pink, orange and baby blue pastel colors. Carefully pick every single piece of furniture and kitchen utility and bring them home. In case you’re not in a position to buy new stuff, go ahead and paint them by yourself. That will work perfectly as well.

Sewing room in retro style
Incorporate pastel colours in your room decor, which usually lend themselves
well for creating a retro vibe in your home's working or living space.

Set the living room in mid-century style

Go ahead and do some research. Get well informed on how did the living rooms used to look like in the seventies. You’ll see that most of them have high ceilings, with simple ceiling lights hanging. One side of the room should look into the backyard. That view will help you to relax instantly. Use warm and happy colors such as red and yellow. You can’t go wrong with earth color palette as well. Mix them up, and your living room will look like it just fell out from the time machine.

Don’t forget about the modern touch

A great way to emphasize your retro styled ambient is to leave a few pieces of modern art in there. So, you should set up the room using retro looking furniture and use the walls for some modern black and white art. Go with abstract shapes and funky colored plants. Don’t forget decorating windows with some high-quality Eiffel's curtains for example. All of this combined will offer a great contrast with the center of the room that has a unique retro look.

Retro-fitted room with mirror
If your home already has well-kept vintage-style fittings, then retro-style furniture
pieces will be well matching with the overall retro decor.

Incorporate some leather

In case you want to set up your room in a luxurious 70’s style, think no more. Everything you need is a leather covered sofa, chair, and armchair. In order to achieve that elegant and masculine 70’s look, paint the walls blue and they’ll look magnificent. When it comes to furniture colors, you should go with black, brown and blue. The leather just loves those tones and so will your guests.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, while going through tips listed above, you’ve come up with some original ideas as well for decorating in retro style. Make sure to plan everything ahead and start working. Once you’re done with redecorating your living space, you’ll feel much happier and satisfied. On the other hand, the elegant retro look will be so appealing to your friends and family, and your home will become their favorite place to be.

Vintage style room decor
Vintage type furniture, old sound equipment from the 70s or 80s, combined with matching pastel colours will quickly create a retro vibe in your home.

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