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5 Ways to Provide Lighting for Your Bedroom

Different types of lighting for bedroom

Dimmed lights in bedroom
Dimmed lights allow you to set up light intensity to your likeness

The primary intended purpose of a bedroom is sleeping. However, the usage of these premises has moved far beyond its intended usage. A modern bedroom is a dressing room, a library, a workplace, even a space reserved for exercise. Providing proper lighting is crucial for any type of a room and the bedroom is no exception.

Go Simple

Simplicity is the key, and one way to achieve it is by using a surface-mounted ceiling light. This type of lighting provides a soft, diffuse light, but, then again, this might not be to your taste. However, if you’re going for a more complex lighting, you can always use a combination of different types of lighting and, therefore, lighting your bedroom can be quite affordable and tasteful. Using surface-mounted ceiling lighting can ensure that your bedroom is properly lightened, which is of great importance when decorating any room in your house.

Blue ceiling light
Coloured lights and spot lights can create interesting effects in the bedroom


Who doesn’t like dimmers? You can basically set them to any degree of intensity of your choosing, which is perfect for a bedroom vibe. Even though this is great in romantic terms, there are some people who aren’t comfortable with sleeping in complete darkness, yet too much light just won’t put them to bed. Although dimmers aren’t really inexpensive, there are many budget solutions on the market. Additionally, unless you are planning on working from your bedroom, you won’t need any extra lighting fixtures.

Go with Downlights

Of course, it’s true that downlights shouldn’t be placed everywhere – but it’s the same case with any type of lighting whatsoever. This type of lighting is perfect for rooms, which contain a central object that should be in focus, such as a dining room table near your kitchen and the bed in your bedroom. Led downlights for example, are a great choice for any type of a bedroom, as they pretty much provide spotlight-like type of a focus on the bed, without splashing too much light onto the walls.

Different bedroom lights
For something different, ceiling lights add an extra dimension in your bedroom

Bedside Lighting

Imagine this situation: you wake up in the middle of the night - you have to use the toilet, or maybe you only want a midnight snack – you are still sleepy, and your light switch is on the other side of the room. You get up, trying to reach it, but in the process you manage to hit your toe against your nightstand. Wouldn’t it have been easier to equip your bedroom with bedside lighting? So, in order to avoid this and similar situations, consider getting bedside lights, which can be as simple as table lamps. Of course, you can be creative, and think of some unusual solutions, but, bedside lighting is a must-have.


With the toe stubbing in mind, bedside lighting isn’t the only solution. In fact, if you are looking for a solution that will prevent you from these painful instances, without ever having to think about turning them on, hiding a soft light under your table, nightstand, bed or skirting is a great way to go! A neat thing about these is the fact that they are motion-triggered, so your dreary self won’t even have to think about turning the lights on – as soon as your feet hit the floor, these discreet fixtures will illuminate just about enough of the way for you and your toe to safely get to your destination.

Simple lights in bedroom
If you like things simple and straightforward, you can still choose modern design lighting for your bedroom.

Well, we hope that you learned quite a bit about bedrooms. If you thought that installing a single fixture on your ceiling was the only solution, you are now aware of how misinformed you’ve been. Now enjoy turning down the lights as you go to sleep.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys writing about home and family, pets and gardening.

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