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How to buy the best shower head

7 tips for choosing the right shower head

Buying a new shower head for your bathroom can be a tough task because you ought to choose a showerhead from a variety of shower heads which are available in the market. A shower head is selected such that the morning shower is made really worth.

There are so many options available in the market that one may get tangled up in the number of choices offered and the shower head selection according to the bathroom and personal preferences might become a difficult task to deal with. So, selecting the best shower head may be difficult.

Shower head displays
Picking the right shower head takes some serious thought to choose it right

However, there are several specific factors which are considered to simplify the selection and the decision-making process. The steps described below will let you know how to make an appropriate choice and to buy a shower head for your bathroom.

1. Picking a finish

The first step in the selection of the shower head is to select a finish style for your shower head. There are different finish styles available such as chrome, brass, stainless, gold, platinum, nickel, aged pewter finishes and other styles.

The finish style is chosen according to the décor of your bathroom, or if you are planning a remodeling of your bathroom, then the décor of the bathroom selects the finish style of the shower head. The finish of the shower head should match the other fixtures in the bathroom.

If you have a combination of shower/bath, then the finish is selected such that the finish of shower head matches the finish of the faucet in the tub.

2. Determining your needs

Before buying a shower head, you should consider your requirements that whether you require a single shower head or an entire combination of bath/shower.

If you need only a shower head, then the combination fixtures should be ruled out. If you wish to replace the whole shower head/faucet system, then there are bathtubs available that can double as showers.

Modern design bathroom
Your selection of the right shower head should also include colour combination
to match your bathroom design

3. Selection of shower head

You have to decide that whether you need an adaptable handheld showerhead or a fixed shower head which is attached to the shower wall. For bathing children and pets, handheld showers are much preferred over the fixed shower head.

Also, the handheld shower head is very much suitable for injured and disabled users. However, if there is no need for extra convenience delivered by the handheld shower head fixture, then a standard fixed shower head should be selected by the user.

4. Selection of options

There are many options available in a shower head. The selection of these options depends on the need of the user. There are various options available in a showerhead such as full spray, jet spray, massage, rain, waterfall and mist features. Different types of shower heads are available based on these functions.

There is also such type of combinations available which lets you choose the massage or another option one day and select another option such as full spray on another day. Selection of these options should be clarified by the user or buyer so that a perfect shower head can be selected from a wide range of showerheads.

5. Conservation of water and go green

In the United States, water disbursed by all the shower heads that are sold within the country is limited to 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) per minute which helps in the conservation of water. As we know that water scarcity is increasing, so the availability of water is also a major concern.

Also, there are shower heads available in the market which save more water than the standard shower heads. If you are concerned with the conservation of water and with the environment, then you should go green by buying a more environmental friendly shower head.

Good shower head will make your bathroom
Pick the right shower head and make your shower recess alive

6. Installing the shower head

Certain things should be kept in mind when you are about to installation a shower head. Will you install the shower head? Or should a professional need to be hired to do the installation of the shower head?

Most of the showerheads available in the market are easy to install and do not requires a professional to install them, however, there are some shower heads which needs the attention of a professional. If you are planning to install the shower head all by yourself then make sure that the shower head, you are buying comes with a clear set of instructions and is easy to install and do not involve a complicated process of installation.

7. Setting price range

The price range of shower heads varies widely. Some of the shower heads are very expensive while some are basic shower heads which lies in the low price range.

Before going to buy a shower head, you should first set a price range within which should look for an affordable shower head. It is absolutely necessary to set a budget before heading out for the market to purchase a shower head.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself a shower head which best suits your requirements and also fits perfectly in your budget. And If you have any questions about the shower, you can found answers at

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